Couple’s Closet Trends for 2017

New dinnerware, bedding and don’t forget that standing mixer you’ve been eyeing. These items are usually found on a traditional wedding registry. However, as couples work on their wedding registries this year, you may begin to see some couples straying from the norm. A hot item on many wedding registries in 2017 is a couple’s custom closet. What happened to new silverware? What about a spice rack or bath towels? Well, times are changing. Let’s talk about the latest and greatest couple’s closet trends for 2017.

Why a Custom Couple’s Closet?

For many newlyweds, being able to customize their first home together is a big deal, and getting it exactly how they want it helps to alleviate stress later on. Insufficient space is a recipe for disaster as it leads to disorganization, lost items and wasted time. Couples don’t want to fight over closet space and they certainly don’t want their coveted items lost in the abyss of a disorganized space. So, what do they want? Options.

Couple’s Closet Must-Haves

It’s important to note that your day begins and ends in your closet. Interesting to think about, right? But it’s true. Let’s not start our days with stress and end them with defeat. Some must-have items that couples are requesting in their custom closets include:

·         Drawers

·         Hanging rods

·         Shelving

·         His & her dedicated spaces

·         Built-in hampers

All of these items make for a more organized space and help to reduce clutter and prevent arguments from erupting.

Hiring a Professional

Now that you’ve made the decision on incorporating a couple’s closet into your home, it’s important to hire a professional to assist you with this task. A professional will help you to nail down your wants and needs for the space, what you want to accomplish and help you go about it the right way. Your custom closet designer will help you go through your wardrobe and see exactly how much space each of you need. They will also help you find out the look that you want in your home. Would you prefer a couple’s closet with more visual appeal or would you like all of your belongings tucked away?

Choosing design elements is also key in getting the perfect closet for your home. You’d be surprised at how adding in decorative hardware and custom wood finishes can really make the space pop. Also take into consideration other functional items, such as spinning shelves and handbag hangers. Anything that makes life less hectic is considered in the design process. That’s why it’s so important to work with a professional.

Getting Your Dream Closet

It’s a misconception that only women can benefit from a custom closet. Being able to have a dedicated space for his and her things is essential. Your days of running late and searching for items will be over once you incorporate a couple’s closet into your home. So, remember some key things before getting started:

·         Figure out your goals for your couple’s closet.

·         Work with your designer to incorporate style and functionality.

·         Add in helpful items that can help save time and alleviate clutter.

·         Find the best option to fit your needs and your budget.

Keeping these things in mind will not only make the process enjoyable, but also bring organization back into the home. For help creating your own couple’s closet, call the expert designers at Elite Custom Closets at (239) 877-0624 or visit


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